2014 continues to be a huge year for local breweries in Kansas City and the surrounding area. Here’s a roundup of some recent headlines.

Seven Craft Brewers That Changed the Midwest Beer Scene (Feast Magazine)

One million cases of Boulevard beer sold means a party — and free beer (Pitch)

Torn Label’s Beers on Tap at Waldo (Recommended Daily)

John McDonald on Celebrating 25 Years at Boulevard Brewing Co. (Feast Magazine)

Big Rip begins bottling beer, will sell 22-ounce bombers until noon on Christmas Eve (Pitch)

KC Ale Trail is a trip through local beer scene (Recommended Daily)

Boulevard Brewing Co. Celebrates Royals World Series Run With Crown Town Ale (Feast Magazine)

Boulevardia festival returns Father’s Day weekend 2015 (Pitch)

Best of the Midwest 2 is coming to Bier Station Saturday, December 27 (Pitch)

Boulevard releases 2015 calendar with lots of new brews (Pitch)

Celina Tio taps Jolly Pumpkin blend, helps brew beer for national release (Pitch)

Draft taps The Belfry for its list of “The Best New Beer Restaurants” (Recommended Daily)

KC Ale Trail author Pete Dulin discusses the local beer scene in advance of book release parties (Pitch)

Lawrence’s Free State Brewing Co. celebrates 25 years in business (Kansas City Star)

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